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Since 2005 we have been taking care of speedometer repair, gps repair and control unit repair. It does not matter which make of car your vehicle belongs to. Chrysler speedo repairs are no obstacle for us and are carried out quickly and reliably. Due to the increasing replacement of analogue displays by digital displays, the failure of electronic components in the instrument cluster is not excluded at Chrysler.

The Chrysler speedo repair works in two ways

We can repair your Chrysler speedo in two ways. Bring us your removed speedometer or send us your Chrysler instrument cluster. We at Pixelfehler Hamburg will repair the speedometer as soon as possible and deliver the component back to your home immediately after completion.

Typical errors in the Chrysler speedo

Despite subtle differences, Chrysler also has many similar defects compared to other manufacturers. These are mainly speedometer repairs, which we find and repair daily in our workshop. At Chrysler the backlight of the instrument cluster is often defective. All displays remain dark - even warning signals are no longer displayed correctly.

Does your Chrysler speedo also show a fault? Then don't wait too long to repair your speedometer. Especially in the instrument cluster a lot of important vehicle information is displayed, which should always be recognizable.

Rather a Chrysler Tacho repair than a new purchase

Instrument clusters are very expensive and may quickly tear a hole in your wallet. This is mainly due to the expensive electronics used. However, it is often not necessary to replace the instrument cluster completely. Usually the repair of the defective components in the speedometer is sufficient. This saves you up to 90 % compared to a new purchase. However, in addition to your bank account, the environment is also protected because of less electronic waste.